Used Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses

Hydraulic and mechanical metal stamping presses are pretty much the most common.  We have included some photos of them.  Hydraulic presses are typically slower and are commonly found in foundries.  The can be very high capacity.  If I recall, the largest presses are in Russia, France and in Ohio USA.  They are huge stamping presses used for avaiation related parts.  They are also used for tryout presses.  Mechanical presses are much more common.  You can see these in automotive to lawnmowers to metal sink manufacturing.  They are able to opperate at much higher speeds or SPM.

Used metal stamping presses have become much more difficult to locate in larger tonnage sizes.  Much of this was because the year 2008 and the heavy economic downturn.  With high scrap prices and no demand for the machines, many where scraped by struggling automotive companies.  When the economy picked up, this created a huge void in the used market.

Common brands are Bliss, Minster, Niagara, Clearing, Komatsu, Aida, Blow and Danly.  All are good presses. Minster is typically the most liked of the brands. Bliss probably made more than anybody else.  Bliss, Clearing and Niagara where all bought out and  combined by a single company.  If I recall, they are owned by a German company.  There are other good brands out there too.

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Here are a few press pictures:

Danly 3 1,500 Bliss 2

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